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In May 2013, Dorel Europe launched 'in touch', their Iris. Marlou Kessels, communications advisor at Dorel: “in touch is an interactive platform where people from all our European offices meet to share knowledge and ideas. The intranet facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration. Of course, it takes some time before all your colleagues become active on the social platform. That's why community management is very important.”

Marlou Kessels

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  • How to create effective content for your intranet? Wedge Black's essential tips

    Good content is essential if you want to have your intranet contribute to your organisational goals. That's why we invited intranet and content specialist Wedge Black to present a workshop for our clients. The first point Wedge made is spot-on: at work, people would rather not read at all. So how do you make sure colleagues get to know what they have to know, and get to find the content that helps them do their jobs?
    25-03-2015 from Jos Rouw
  • Community Manager Appreciation Day: this one's for the new heroes of internal communications

    Internal communications are more exciting than ever. New business communications technology offers benefits that organisations have never seen before. But this technology is nowhere without people who encourage successful user activity and keep it going.
    26-01-2015 from Jos Rouw
  • What you can learn from the A-Team when you start managing an intranet

    When you start off as an intranet manager, that means one thing, really: time for some action. You'll be giving it all you've got, for the greater good. And you'll have to get a lot of things done. Sometimes you'll wonder: what do I do now? Luckily, there are some great role models who show you how to do your job, and how you can achieve great results. Here's four of them.
    23-12-2014 from Jos Rouw

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